Makeup Tips

  • Have the makeup pictures selected in hand preferred printed to make things easier.

  • Have face washed and moisturized prior to the make application.

  • If deciding on having a facial done a week before the event is recommended to let the skin heal.

  • When getting Eyebrows Waxed have it done a couple of days before the event day due to the residue of the wax can interfere with the make application causing the makeup not to stick well around the eye area.

Party Member Tips

  • Have hair washed night before don't over condition the hair and have hair dried for the day of.

  • For people with oily hair wash the morning of and have hair dried ready for us to style.

  • Have pictures of the hair and makeup already selected ready to go.

  • For before makeup if you have any preference in moisturizer or you use a specific one have that already applied 5 minutes before starting the first stage in makeup.

Selecting your Makeup and Hair style ahead of time is very important. Below are a couple tips to help you prepare for your trial and wedding day or special event.

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Make-Up Artist and Hair Styling Group

Hair Tips


  • When washing your hair wash the day before the event, but don not over product  with conditioner and / or hair styling products.

  • If you plan to straighten your hair and you want an up do or some nice soft curls for your wedding, do not use any type of products or treatments that might make your hair too soft. Consult with the person who will be styling your hair before making any decisions on what products to use.

  • When cutting or trimming hair it is recommended one to two months before the wedding if needed.

  • If you are thinking about changing your hair color, about two months before your wedding day is perfect.

 Making dramatic changes too close to the big day is not recommended.

  • Dying or touching up your hair with the same color that you usually use at least two weeks before the wedding.

  • Do not experiment with new creams or treatments during the two weeks leading up to your wedding.

  • Have pictures of the Hair style selected in hand preferred printed to make things easier.

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